Chicken Chili Recipe

There are hundreds of chicken chili recipes on the internet today in addition to beef chili recipes. My favorite way of making chicken chili is to substitute ground chicken for the ground meat in any of our chili recipes.

Ground chicken is a great alternative to ground beef in any chili recipe for many reasons. Some people don’t eat red meat, others prefer the taste of chicken over beef and still others just want to try something new.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a chicken chili recipe, here are a few tips to make your chicken chili the best ever.

  1. Choose a favorite chili recipe.
  2. Substitute ground chicken or cooked shredded chicken for other meats. Below is a picture of ground chicken before adding any tomato sauce.
  3. I usually use Northern beans instead of any other beans called for in the chili recipe. You might even want to try a combination of chick peas and Northern beans.
  4. Green chiles pair well with chicken, and you can usually find some good varieties of canned green chiles to use. I do prefer fresh chiles, but you can save some prep time by adding canned chiles to your white chicken chili recipe.

There you have it. Great tips for converting your favorite chili recipe to an easy chicken chili recipe.