Patrick Mullinix

The story begins more than 20 years ago with my own pursuit of finding the perfect chili. For those of you, who are passionate about food, its more of an appreciation of finding the right balance with flavors, texture and mixtures of heat plus spice to create a virtual  masterpiece of a culinary delight.

This website is a place that both professional chefs and amateurs cooks alike can come together with one universal mission, to perfect their own variation of world-class chili.

Chilicooking.com is dedicated to those enthusiasts who are looking for everything related to chili cooking whether it’s about discovering gourmet spices, finding great recipes, may be learning preparation techniques. Perhaps in a finding the right specialized cooking equipment to make the experience that much more enjoyable. You’ll find in addition we offer unique chili gifts items for the special person in your kitchen.

I’ve been inspired for Chilicooking.com to serve a greater purpose. To support a charity that we’ve included a link for you learn more about the amazing works of World Vision’s organization, and its ability in helping to feed impoverished children around the world.

I encourage you to look into becoming a sponsor yourself and making a difference in one child’s life that may save them from sickness and starvation. In the past year of being a sponsor myself it has changed not only my life  but also of those children who allow me to give hope. The letter’s received back are so grateful beyond what words can describe here. This has led me to encourage others in helping to also become a HopeChild sponsor with the  ” World Vision Organization”.

Would you please consider joining the fight with me, by caring to for just a single child that you also can personally see the hunger pains eased,sickness cured and a brighter future created. It’s possible  to save one child that you could sponsor and make a difference today in those innocent life’s forever.

Your comments are always welcome we always look forward to meeting new friends. Please feel free to contribute and share with us your great recipes or other suggestions.

 God Bless & Bon appétit,

         Patrick Mullinix